Online Remote Recording

I am a professional saxophone player and multi-instrumentalist for hire for online remote recordings.

I perform and record saxophone and other instruments in many musical settings, including jazz, salsa, pop, rock, hip-hop, funk, musical theater, singer-songwriter, classical, and experimental music.

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How to hire me for remote recording of saxophone, flute, clarinet, or other instruments:

  • contact me to discuss your recording project
  • send me details about your recording project, including time stamps for where you’d like me to record
  • send me the track on which you’d like me to record saxophone, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, or other instruments
  • I’ll send you a track (in uncompressed .wav or .aiff format) for your use on your recording project
  • depending on the recording project, turnaround is between one day and two weeks
  • pay using Paypal, Zelle, or even Venmo

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The Remote Recording Studio

I record everything from my home studio in New York City. I record saxophones, flute, clarinet, and bass clarinet with a mix of ribbon and condenser microphones. I use Logic on a Mac.

Improvisation and Arrangements

I record improvised solos and composed horn section parts. I can also write and record arrangements for various instruments.

Recording the Saxophone, Flute, and Clarinet

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Listen to samples of recording projects:

      1. Flute, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, guitar, keyboard, bass


      2. Alto Sax Melody, Tenor Sax Backgrounds


      3. Tenor Sax


      4. Woodwind Ensemble


      5. Flute and Bass Clarinet Sample


Here is a list of instruments I can record remotely for your track:

  • alto saxophone
  • tenor saxophone
  • flute
  • clarinet
  • bass clarinet
  • keyboards
  • guitar
  • bass
  • melodica
  • recorder