Jacob Teichroew Quintet – “Icicle” Video

It may not be the best song for the onset of Summer, but I hope you enjoy it anyway:

This video of my composition “Icicle” was taken at my birthday show at Brooklyn Launchpad. Huge thanks to the Jacob Teichroew Quintet (Syberen Van Munster, Jarrett Cherner, Christopher Nolte, and Ronen Itzik) Josh Deutsch, Nico Soffiato, and the members of Rhododendron (Nico Dann, Sebastien Ammann, Lauren Falls, Matt Plummer, Nathaniel Morgan, and Owen Stewart-Robertson) for contributing to a great night of music, and a really fun birthday. More videos from this show are coming soon.

In case you missed the Launchpad show, the Jacob Teichroew Quintet will play at Tomi Jazz on June 9th, and the Brooklyn Lyceum on June 13th. Exact times will be announced shortly.

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