Pieces of Tableaux

My first album as a leader, Tableaux, is not out yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to clips of the tracks at my bandcamp site. Check out the music. Soon you’ll be able to hear more.

Here’s the link: listen

Some interesting non-musical things about Tableaux:

  • the word “tableaux” contains three consecutive vowels that are followed by an x.
  • “Tenet” is a palindrome
  • “Dollop” is not a palindrome, but if you spell it with a lower case “d,” then it would look the same if you flipped it upside down.
  • the title “The Time Was Now,” aside from having some verb tense issues, anagrams to “oh man, sweet wit.”



New Albums

Mi gente, I’m writing to discuss two new albums to which you should consider listening:

First, a group I’m very proud to be a part of, Grupo Arcano, has released its debut album, Desde el Otro Lado del East River, or From the Other Side of the East River. This album features all original songs, and each track is a work of art.

There is quite a lot of buzz developing around the album, and it is receiving radio play all over the country and abroad, including in South Africa, Scotland, and Colombia.

You can stream some tracks on the website before you buy the CD.

Also, I’m pleased to announce that my record, Tableaux, featuring all original compositions performed by my quintet, will be released in the coming months on Fresh Sound New Talent. You’ll be receiving updates about the album, and soon I will post some clips soon so that you have an idea of what to listen for. I’m pretty confident that I play fewer notes on this album than almost any other saxophonist has played on a recording in 2012. Also, for those of you who can’t stomach modern jazz, you’ll be happy to learn that I did very little in the way of striving for “innovation.”

Here’s a brief clip:

      1. Sleepless Eyes Clip

More news to come shortly…

The Jacob Teichroew Quintet

Photo by Isabelle Linaburg